New Website Update!

New Website Update!

Hello everyone and thank you very much for reading this!

We always wanted to offer to all of you the best League of Legends website you can ever imagine, but we have a lot to do yet. We work really hard to create new features, thinking new ideas and improving our already released features and tools in order to achive our aforementioned goal. This time we focused on some Quality Of Life changes, bug fixing and performance improvements! Keep reading this posts to know more about the latest changes we did to the site, let's go!

Changes to the Homepage & News Section

We want to share with you every change we made behind the scenes, every feature we are working on, etc. Basically, we want to stay close to the community because that's the only way we think we can keep improving the site. With the following changes we try to accomplish that.

  1. We removed the News Carousel in the homepage and replaced it with a link to the post and a brief description about it. This will make easier for you to keep track on the latest news posted by us.
  2. We also improved the News Section! We added categories so you can search for the posts categories you want to read without having to go through every single post in our site.

Changes to the Builds Section

We have improved a lot our role / lane detection algorithm that will help us reduce the inconsistencies in statistics and builds. That allowed us to make a little Quality of Life change in the builds section, so here it is:

  1. The team composition information under the expanded match details are now sorted by role! Builds Details

General Changes

These are changes in general, including some bug fixing and more Quality of Life changes, let's read more about it:

  1. We added the patch version in the Navigation Bar so you can know if we are making our homework updating the site or not! The version indicates the last content version the site has been updated to (In this case, it shows you that the website has been updated with the content from patch 9.9).
    Navigation Bar
  2. Now you can navigate through the Champion Search Results with your keyboard's arrows.
    Champion Search Results
  3. We fixed some graphics issues in the Item Simulator Tool.
  4. Now the vertical scroll resets it position when changing between Abilities in a Champion Profile Page.
  5. We made some adjustments to the homepage that decreased drastically the loading time.

As always, thank you very much for your support, we will keep improving the site, developing lot of new features and adding more content, so stay in touch. And feel free to submit us every suggestion you want through our Feedback form.

Until next time!



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