Content Update - Patch 9.9 Hot Fix 5/2

Content Update - Patch 9.9 Hot Fix 5/2

Hello everyone!

A hotfix has been pushed to the live servers which includes balance changes for Aatrox and bug fixes for Blitzcrank and Rakan. We have updated the profile for these champions in our website as well. Below you will find the list of changes for this Hot Fix.

List of Changes Patch 9.9 Hot Fix 5/2

Aatrox Portrait Aatrox

PASSIVE DAMAGE AND HEALING5-10% (based on level) of the target's maximum health 5-12% (based on level) of the target's maximum health

Aatrox Ability - The Darkin BladeQ - The Darkin Blade

FIRST SWING AD RATIO55/60/65/70/75%  60/65/70/75/80%

Blitzcrank Portrait Blitzcrank

BUGFIXBlitzcrank's R - Static Field's active damage is back to 250/375/500

Rakan Portrait Rakan

BUGFIXRakan's E - Battle Dance no longer costs double the mana when using it on an ally Xayah or when recasting


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