Hecarim vs Xayah Statistics in North America

  • Game patch: 10.16
  • Game count: 313,033
  • Average match length: 29:13
  • Game type: RANKED SOLO
  • Map: Summoner's Rift


the Shadow of War

  • P Warpath


    Hecarim gains Attack Damage equal to 15 - 30 (15% + 2.5% every 3 levels)% of his bonus Movement Speed.

  • Q Rampage


    Cooldown: 4Cost: 28/31/34/37/40 manaRange: 350

    Hecarim cleaves nearby enemies for 60/102/144/186/228 (+70% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage. (60% damage to minions)

    If Hecarim damages at least one enemy with this attack he gains a stack of Rampage, reducing the base cooldown of this skill by 1 second and increasing its damage by 5% for a short duration. This effect can stack up to 2 times.

  • W Spirit of Dread

    Spirit of Dread

    Cooldown: 22/21/20/19/18Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 manaRange: 575

    Hecarim deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+80% bonus Ability Power) magic damage over 4 seconds to all nearby enemies. Hecarim is healed for 30% of the damage these enemies take from any source.

    Hecarim cannot heal more than 90/120/150/180/210 Health from minions or monsters.

  • E Devastating Charge

    Devastating Charge

    Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16Cost: 60 manaRange: 300

    Hecarim gains increasing 25 - 100% Movement Speed and can move through units for 4 seconds. His next attack knocks the target back dealing 45/75/105/135/165 (+50% bonus Attack Damage) to 90/150/210/270/330 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage based on how far Hecarim has traveled during Devastating Charge (knockback distance also scales).

    Devastating Charge's remaining duration pauses during Onslaught of Shadows.

  • R Onslaught of Shadows

    Onslaught of Shadows

    Cooldown: 140/120/100Cost: 100 manaRange: 50000

    Hecarim summons spectral riders and charges forward, dealing 150/250/350 (+100% bonus Ability Power) magic damage to enemies hit.

    Hecarim releases a shockwave at the end of his charge, causing nearby enemies to flee from him for 0.75 to 2 seconds (increases by charge distance).

    Hecarim himself will only move to the targeted location. The riders will always move the full distance.

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