Fiddlesticks Abilities

the Ancient Fear

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Fiddlesticks is a Mage and Support champion in League of Legends.

Fiddlesticks Base Stats

  • Health: 650.4 (+106 per level)
  • Health Regen: 5.5 (+0.6 per level)
  • Mana: 500 (+28 per level)
  • Mana Regen: 8 (+0.8 per level)
  • Damage: 55.36 (+2.63 per level)
  • Attack Speed: 0.63 (+2.11% per level)
  • Armor: 34 (+4.7 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30 (+1.3 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 335

Fiddlesticks Best Tips

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Fiddlesticks's Damage Type

The damage type that Fiddlesticks deals is mostly Magic Damage.

Fiddlesticks's damage type breakdowns as follows:

  • Magic Damage: 75.80%
  • True Damage: 19.54%
  • Physical Damage: 4.67%

Fiddlesticks Recommended Items

Based on statistics across all regions

Fiddlesticks Trinket

    Fiddlesticks Abilities - Patch 13.11

    Fiddlesticks A Harmless Scarecrow
    Fiddlesticks Terrify
    Fiddlesticks Bountiful Harvest
    Fiddlesticks Reap
    Fiddlesticks Crowstorm
    Fiddlesticks A Harmless Scarecrow

    A Harmless Scarecrow

    Fiddlesticks Passive

    Fiddlesticks' trinket is replaced by scarecrow effigies.

    At level 6, placing an Effigy grants obscured vision of the area as well as reveals and disables enemy wards near it for 6 seconds.

    Fiddlesticks Terrify


    Cooldown: 15/14.5/14/13.5/13Cost: 65 manaRange: 575

    Fiddlesticks Q

    Passive: While unseen and out of combat or posing as an Effigy, damaging an enemy with a spell terrifies them for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds.

    Active: Terrifies a target for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds and deals 6/7/8/9/10% (+ 1% per 50 ability power) of the target's current health (minimum 40/60/80/100/120) as magic damage.

    If the target has recently been terrified, instead deal 12/14/16/18/20% (+ {{ a2}} ) of the target's current health (minimum 80/120/160/200/240) as magic damage.

    Max 400 damage vs monsters.

    Fiddlesticks Bountiful Harvest

    Bountiful Harvest

    Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 manaRange: 650

    Fiddlesticks W

    Drains the souls of nearby enemies, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+ 33% bonus Ability Power magic damage per second over 2 seconds plus 12/14.5/17/19.5/22% of their missing health on the final instance of damage.

    Fiddlesticks heals for 25/32.5/40/47.5/55% of the damage dealt before mitigation, reduced to 15% vs minions, 45% vs monsters.

    On a completed channel or if nothing remains to be harvested, refund 60% of the remaining cooldown.

    Fiddlesticks Reap


    Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 manaRange: 850

    Fiddlesticks E

    Unleash dark magic at a target position, dealing 70/105/140/175/210 + (50% bonus Ability Power) magic damage to and slowing enemies hit by 30/35/40/45/50% for 1.25 seconds in a crescent shaped area.

    Enemies in the center of the crescent are silenced for the duration as well as slowed.

    Fiddlesticks Crowstorm


    Cooldown: 140/110/80Cost: 100 manaRange: 800

    Fiddlesticks R

    Channel for 1.5 seconds, then blink to the target point unleashing a murder of crows, dealing 125/225/325 (+45% bonus Ability Power) magic damage per second to all enemy units in the area.

    The effect lasts for 5 seconds, dealing up to 750/1250/1750 (+250% bonus Ability Power) total magic damage.

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