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Item Effects

Some Items have other extra effects besides the plain stats they provide to a champion. This extra effects are an important part of the strategy because they usually helps to counter the enemy champion strengths as well as the bonus stats that the enemy champion have from items.

For example Grievous Wounds is good for enemies with lot of sustain, like Cho'Gath or Garen, among others.

Below you will find a table with information about these Item Effects.

Grievous Wounds Reduces healing and regeneration by 40%
Bandit +1 Gold from nearby minions killed by allies
+3 Gold (10 if melee) when hitting an enemy champion with a basic attack (5 second cooldown)
Emperor's Favor Additional coins are dropped on champion takedown.
Queen's Tribute When you trigger Tribute you receive a burst of movement speed.
Energized Moving and attacking builds charges.
At 100 charges, your next attack becomes Energized and can trigger additional effects on hit, expending the charges.
Hextech Items Hextech items generally give you an additional spell or some additional magic damage. Their unique damaging effects share a linked cooldown and can trigger other spell effects.
  • Hextech Revolver
  • Hextech Gunblade
  • Hextech Protobelt-01
  • Hextech GLP-800
Magic Penetration Magic damage is increased by ignoring an amount of the target's Magic Resist equal to Magic Penetration.
Lethality Physical damage is increased by ignoring an amount of the target's Armor based on your level.
This is particularly effective vs. targets without Armor items.
% Bonus Armor Penetration Physical damage is increased by ignoring a percent of the target's bonus Armor.
This applies before non-percent Armor Penetration.
Premitigation Damage Premitigation damage is the raw amount of damage dealt before the opponent's Armor and magic Resistance is applied.
Partner Gain bonuses while nearby your partner. Protect your partner and keep them alive so that they can return the favour. Such is your vow.
Unique Passive Unnamed Unique passives among multiple of the same item don't stack.
Named Unique passives don't stack across any item.
Active Active items can be cast as though they were an ability.
Named Unique actives share a cooldown.
% Total Magic Penetration Magic damage is increased by ignoring a percent of the target's total Magic Resistance.
This applies before non-percent Magic Penetration.
Void Gate Void structures that create Voidspawn.
Voidspawn Void minions that decay over time.
Travels down nearest lane.
Ignores champions and Void targets.
Explodes to attack structures, marking that structure with Void Commander's Selfish Conquest.
Movement Impaired A unit is movement-impaired if it is slowed, stunned, taunted, feared, or immobilized.
Minion Bonuses Bannered minions donate their gold from kills to the champion that Promoted them. Grants all minions increased size, 30% Damage Reduction from Turrets, 100% additional damage to Turres, and 70% Damage Reduction from Champions. Additional bonuses granted per minion type:
  • Melee: 600 Health, 50 Attack Damage, 40 Armor, 40 Magic Resist, and 90% Bonus Attack Speed.
  • Caster: 400 Health, 75 Attack Damage, 40 Armor, 40 Magic Resist, and 25% Bonus Attack Speed
  • Cannon: 600 Health, 100 Attack Damage, 100 Armor, and 100 Magic Resist.

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