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Nilah: The Joy Unbound Trailer Released! Analysis and comparison of her kit and her latest leaks

Nilah: The Joy Unbound Trailer Released! Analysis and comparison of her kit and her latest leaks

Just yesterday we were blessed with a teaser of even another new addition to the rooster of playable characters of our favorite game here. (Riot is on a streak, see the latest champion added just a week and a half ago) And just hours ago we got together to see her new Champion trailer.

Nilah the Joy Unbound is coming soon to the Summoner’s Rift as an extremely agile, dash-focused melee botlaner. You can watch the trailer here if you didn’t saw it yet:

We at Lolrift we want to bring the most updated information available for champions and builds. So we were prepared to post news about a recent leak of Nilah Kit. But then we analyzed the video and saw some differences between what the leak said and what is shown to us.

If you have read about those leaks too. We are afraid to inform that seems to be a beta stage of her kit. As we can see on the trailer above, even when she still has her double attack after a dash. We couldn’t visually see any mark or crowd control. Even more, there’s nothing that could be used to evade stuns as we can see with Twisted Fate’s gold card. As soon as we get the confirmed abilities we would be updating her page here in Lolrift with suggested builds and tips and tricks.

See you in the rift!

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